Provide specialized medical care in quality Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery with a high human sense, satisfying the needs of patients with a specialized medical service in a personalized and comprehensive way, committed to medical excellence.


To be a factor of success and confidence in Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery services.
To positively influence the improvement of the practice of public and private Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in our country; supporting certified Plastic Surgeons at all times and communicating to people in an effective way what Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery can do to improve their lives, making a clear differentiation with other specialties.


Responsibility :
Promote and encourage responsible actions exercising Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery with a high spirit of social co-responsibility.

Honesty :
In the practice of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, in the management of resources and in communication.

Discretion :
Develop the professional practice of Aesthetic
and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for the benefit of our patients within the highest sense of respect and privacy.

Education :
Keeping patients informed about new techniques, methods and trends in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
and Reconstructive. Commitment in constant training for a practice with excellence.

Innovation :
In any area of ​​the specialty.

Teamwork :
The patient treated will have not only their CERTIFIED Plastic Surgeon , but also a whole group of specialists eager to take care of the good prestige and development of our specialty
and their own well-being.


Build a more humane company every day, that respects the dignity of people and that promotes their integral and supportive human development, promoting the maximum possible sustainability of the company through the search for excellence in human quality and social responsibility based on the compliance with the law and the requirements of the CRESE 2020 Standard, constantly being inspired by the principles that we acquired from our founders, which are respect for the dignity of people, solidarity, subsidiarity and the common good.

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